I am Cecilia Duberg,

an organizational psychologist and mental trainer. Based in Sweden and globally active.

I support people on the journey to live and give their best. To grow resourceful teams and set the stage for productivity, health and transformation.

I believe clear minds, meaningful goals and brave leaders have the power to frame a brighter future.

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... with a professional and human oriented approach Cecilia helps people really see the power they have within themselves, and she provides tools for both self leadership as well as team leadership. She has been - and will continue to be - an inspiration in our Management program for Public Sector Leaders at PwC.
— Jessica Carragher Wallner / Director PwC
Cecilia makes you focus on your goals, maintain the right perspective and watch the system instead of the details. She doesn’t always give you the answers, but she will ask you the most intuitive questions to help you figure it out yourself. This ability has many times, especially in tough situations, been deal breaking for myself and also helped people in my organization.
— - Simon Åström, CEO, ÖSK Elite football
....sharp yet humble, Cecilia inspires and enables the much needed movement from mind to action.
I have had the fortune to work with her both personally and as a team member. If you are looking to grow, be challenged and reach rewarding results, I warmly recommend you work with Cecilia.
— Linn Edholm, People & Culture Manager, IKEA





In golf, the mental game is everything. The decision to reach out and work with Cecilia is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her professionalism, timing and presence made me feel contained. At times of turbulence she trained me to remember who I am and what I know. The best thing in having her as a mental trainer was not just how she helped me as a golfer but also in life - outside the golf course.
— Julia Roth, Professional Golf player, LPGA



Simply blown away. Cecilia´s ability to - in a structured and yet creative way - pinpoint the essence of what the individual needs to explore and improve is extraordinary. Her analysis is sharp, her tools are simple and her ways are both humble and challenging.
— Malin Norback, HR manager Kommuninvest Sverige AB
I´ve had the luxury of working with Cecilia in various projects during the years such as; coaching, lectures and as a brand ambassador. No matter what, she has always delivered on point in a very professional way with a lot of passion and energy. If you are looking for a more holistic experience her knowledge within yoga in combination with coaching is a much recommended arrangement to reach your personal goals.
— Sara Althini / Marketing Director
As an entrepreneur and CEO of a fast growing company I face daily challenges with many, and often difficult decisions to make. With Cecilia at my side I feel stronger and more clear in handling complexity. She has been one of the cornerstones on my journey building an international business and I look forward to working closely with here for many years to come.
— Viktor Garmiani / CEO & Founder, Candles Scandinavia AB


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