Photo: Martin de la Foi

Photo: Martin de la Foi

You can´t have what you wan’t.
You can only have what you can make happen.
— Yvonne Agazarian

I am Cecilia Duberg, an experienced psychologist, devoted keynote-speaker and becoming writer. I specialize in leadership development, team coaching and health psychology. I am driven by curiosity and, I am a morning person.

I work globally, study in America and I live in the middle of Sweden. My home is with my three amazing daughters, a very positively minded dog called Elsa (named after the movie “Frost” for several reasons) and a super solid, stubborn Icelandic horse named Folda (meaning “Mother Earth”). I’m currently learning (slowly) how to play the saxophone, I lose myself completely in my greenhouse and I always find myself again on the yoga-mat.

My professional journey took off in 2004 within the Department of Work and Environmental Health. Since then, the road has been winding, rich and in hindsight - perfect. It got me here.

I was given the opportunity early on to teach occupational psychology at the university to eager students and to assist research in environmental health, to raise awareness.

I have learned from the best and worked the art of leadership recruitment as well as having been the facilitator of global conferences on stress management.

I faced reality for many years, doing my clinical practice in primary care. This was a deep dive into; sleep disorders, anxiety treatments and the very real struggles with life and death.

Today you find me and my work - occasionally on stage - but mostly behind the scenes in high stake business environments, in the areana of athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

My focus is training leaders and game changers on all levels, team coaches, board members and entrepreneurs at the edge of the unknown.

That said, what has stayed with me - closest to my heart - through the years is holding space and training self-leadership in cancer survivors and world record athletes. You people are on to something else, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have taught me.

I trust that the purpose of refining our unique skills and resources, is to bring them into this world with more power. Let´s do our human best, to live every day in a way that we develop clear minds and brave hearts, and create a brighter future together.

I promise I will.

/ Cecilia