Relax into your power

“When you are tired,

learn how to rest.

Not to quit.”

Working with athletes, high performing leaders and creative entrepreneurs the work hardly ever comes down to motivation. These people love to produce, create and develop. Until they get hit by reality of tiredness or exhaustion. Finding balance - composing a routine for recovery and relaxation - is our most important challange. In my book, regulating the pace of your life is mental skill number two.  

2. Regulating your lifepace.

After  being bombarded by too much stress – you do not recover properly. Not finding the time to rest and to deeply recover wears you down. There is nothing wrong with stress, but to much of it hurts you and disturbs your systems. Research shows clearly how too much stress and not enough sleep gets you into a negative mindset, you become unwilling to help others and you end up with a really bad memory, too.

When you turn on your natural relaxtion response – you recover.

You need to figure out how and when you will relax and recover - every day.

Try to find something that you like doing that doesn’t take too much of your thinking. Like playing an instrument you know well, running or walking in nature, dancing or singing. Actually, anything with a rhythm will heal you and get you back on track, if you attend to it often enough.

I find my deepest relaxation in the forrest with my horse, on my yoga mat or in the greenhouse. Cooking with my kids can be amazing if we are not too hungry and training my dog is fun and relaxing. Basically anything outside gives my inner rhythm that healing space.

Give yourself the space to put everything away for 20 minutes or an hour, no matter what. Find your thing, and engage in it every day.

What is your greatest relaxation?



Cecilia Duberg