Like a boss

How human of me to forget,
that time is my friend
I create my own spaces
and I could love myself even more

In my work as a senior organizational consultant - behind the scenes - yoga is one of my most important tools. 

Lets talk about the practice. The routine. How yoga is so much more than physical postures that make you feel like you are the stiffest person on earth. Yoga is a rich philosophy, a way of training your self´regulatory muscles and connectivity. Yoga makes you strong enough to stand-in your sun and be the lighthouse in the storm.

Let´s be real. Leading groups in times of change means handling frustration, considering many wants, attending to different needs, unpacking conflicting ideas and human reactions to differences. It is so much easier to manage this dynamic if we ourselves have the ability to stay grounded. When we are not, we lack resources and the group will mindlessly drag us into their struggle. From that perspective we are no longer of any use. 

To stay in the role of observer, to lead the process of a human system from a helicopter perspective, we need to stay aware and focused.

I need yoga to build my mental strength, patience and empathy.

  • Yoga makes me aware of my body posture, my breathing and my concentration. 

  • Yoga helps me find functional perspectives and regulate emotions. 

  • Yoga strengthen my ability to work both differences and similarities. 

  • Yoga gives me the strength to stay curious as we move into struggle.

The Training also reminds me that I am never alone, that beneath the surface of words and stress and hurry and challange - there is warmth, connection, curiosity and courage.  

Training your body is training your mind. The focus, concentration and determination required to take on a mountain, a yoga session or a run changes your brain.

If you are not into yoga yet, and you are curious, remember to start your mental practice through movement before you go hardcore with stillness and meditation practice. The body/mind is much too restless to sit in stillness without any body awareness training. To manage the silence, you must first be able to handle the noise.

I do yoga like a boss and I lead like a yogi.

How do you choose to practice your skills to stay centered and alert at the same time?

Cecilia Duberg