Worry less

Ok. But how?!?!

Worries are fear based thoughts and interpretations of the future. If we can move away from negative predictions about the future - and into reality - we become more resourceful and more fully able to influence the future. 

You can start living more where your feet are. Try this:

  • Relax your body. Release tension by breathing deeply and let go for a minute.

  • Center yourself. Feet firmly connected to the floor. Chest lifted. Shoulders down. 

  • Connect your breathing to your center, (right behind your bellybutton).

  • Pay attention to the here and now, no judging.

  • Get clear on what you know.

  • What data do you have?

  • What information is vague?

  • Where can you find clarity?

  • Who can help you?

  • Make a plan.

As you become more clear, you invite reality and calm down. Once you're in reality, you have more resources, and more options.

Cecilia Duberg