Setting the intention

Lets spend some time to learn, understand, be curious and enrgize ourselves with things that impact our lives and the people around us. Because why walk around half a  life - focusing on being busy, being relevant, rather than focusing on being purpouseful, having optimal conections and calm?”

- Michael Gervais

During my decade as a psychologist and mental trainer, I´ve come down to 8 really relevant mental skills that help anyone build an authentic, strong and happy life that you where made for. These skills are trained, maintained and improved by great habits.  Let me walk you through them in this journal. Here is number one.

1. Setting an intention 

Setting your intention is like stepping inte the office of the head.

Everything is preceeded by an intention, the question is always; How aware are you?

Setting an intention is connecting your mind and body with the here and now. Steering your focus towards what is important. If we look at life as a long line of moments, how we relate to each of these moments becomes our life. By being present in our life we can connect, put our heart an soul into it. Everytime we are not present we miss out on life. Everytime you come back to your intention you become present and more connected to what really matters to you.

Setting your intention happens in the moments in-between, in the moment before you;

  • step into a meeting

  • start a conversation

  • answer your phone

  • go for a run

If you make space to stop and drop the story and just breathe, straighten your back and remind yourself of your values and goals you can easily drop back into your intention.

Personally, I set my intentions every morning. I make space for a special routine that includes my values and goals. I start with some yummy deep breathing, then I think about three things I am really grateful for. I act, get up immediately without ever snoozing and place my feet firmly to the floor. Extra firm - like in yoga or karate - knowing that power comes from the ground, from living where my feet are. I shower and land on my yoga mat or on the sofa with a fresh cup of coffee.

I know. This is nothing special, nothing special at all. It is just presence. Awareness.

In my first deep breaths I set the intention to always inspire myself with a minute of deep breathing before - anything and since I am going to breathe anyway this is not going to take any extra time.

In my gratefulness practice I set off into the day with a really pleasant feeling. Later, at any point during the day I can revisit this feeling of contentment and inner peace. My brain is going to think of something anyway, so why not feed it my best before it goes into planning and producing activity.

As I stand up and feel the powerful contact with the floor, I practice achoring. During the day I do this anchoring my feet as soon as something throws me off balance and no´one will notice. I am jut standing there, anyway.

In the shower, yoga and sitting with coffee part, I simply just am. I practice being, without doing. I let thoughts of a different texture just come and go. I almost always end up really creative from this moment. A playful creativity that doesn’t have to lead to anything.

So, in just 16 minutes I have set my intentions for the day, doing all the practical morning things I was about to do anyway. Like breathing, thinking, standing up, move and having my coffee.

After 15 years of this practice, I know this to be true;

“own your morning , own your day “

What are your intentions?


Cecilia Duberg