Your ability to generate power is in direct proportion to your ability to relax.
— David Allen

I work to help you grow. I also invite you to retreat. When I am not training leaders, I am a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer. I teach yoga to enhance awareness. I practice yoga to live more where my feet are. Today, so many relevant health benefits from this practice are scientifically established. By facilitating retreats I bring health psychology and mental training to the table in more than one way.

When you feel tired, learn how to rest. Not to quit.

Sometimes, you need space, just to check in with yourself. Press pause. Recover and restart your system. Turn off your phone and take a deep breath. Simply relax your body and mind in a safe, caring and organized setting.

I create retreats I would like to visit myself. Days filled with air, movement and inspiration without anything or anyone interrupting.

The very Popular Lionmind retreat is a two day mix of yoga, inspirational workshops on mental training and mindfulness, nurturing food and slowness.

When you go silent, you go deeper.

Silent retreats

When you go silent, you go deeper. Together with my amazing co-trainer and professional adventurer Annelie Pompe, I have facilitated several silent retreats over the years. Friday to Sunday weekend getaways with a full program where you go completely silent.

Our 7 day retreat in Bali every year is the next step. Here Annelie and I let you go deeper in your silence, practicing the art of meditation and mindful walking, eating, breathing and being. In a kind, beautiful environment far away from tourisms, party and commerce, we let go and reset our minds.