Photo: Carol Möllebo

Photo: Carol Möllebo

I work to develop Choice in people.
— Cecilia Duberg

Everybody has a story. Are you curious to unpack yours? Are you ready to dive deeper, break patterns and get clear on your next move in work and life? After thousands of hours joining amazing life-journeys, I know there is never one story alike. You are unique, yet never alone.


Coaching comes in many forms. My coaching programs are goal directed, energy organizing and systematic approaches where our roles are clear and work gets done.

As we learn to understand your mental framework, what is driving and stopping you and what you are aiming for, we draw the map of your up coming journey. Depending on goal and budget, a chosen assessment will lay the foundation for our work and a time frame will be contracted.

 Leaning on a firm, rich base of science and best practice through the whole process, you will be provided with tools, homework and the support needed to explore the edge of your instability. We go there together, with curiosity.

The process will strengthen your self-leadership and organize your energy, as well as grow your connections to the people around you. Let’s influence the system, that influences you.

LEADERS - My clients are leaders, managers, team coaches and entrepreneurs who need solid access to their resources. We work to develop a sense of systems perspective, empathy for the human struggle and make space to understand the dynamics in teams - at work and at home. The quest for health; sleep, a powerful diet, training and recovery is always a priority.

ATHLETES -during the years I have taken on several professional atheltic/sports clients. A selection of previous domains are Skiing, hockey, football, golf, ultra and tennis. My speciality is in the field of rehabilitation mindset and building a holistic approach to world tours and championships.

ARTISTS - I support musicians and actors in drawing the important line between person/role and dealing with the challenge of being a public figure. I have extensive experience in handling pressure from media and stakeholders. I provide a safe space to work the very personal mental challenges, of being an emotional messenger.


Look. The walls to my practice are thick, and the ceiling is super high. I am a specialist in coaching, but I am also a licensed psychologist, registered mental trainer and a therapist. There is room for the whole you, and I practice full confidentiality by law.

Lets spend some time to learn, become curious and get energized by the things that really impact our lives and the people around us. Because why walk around half a life - focusing on being busy or relevant, rather than focusing on being purposeful, having optimal connections and calm?