The heart of Duberg & Co. is empowering peak performance and strong health in high stake business environments, athletic areanas and creative boardrooms. Providing leadership training within groups of leaders is one of our main services, and also key to create healthy and successful organizations. Over the years we have facilitated yearly programs for large international companies as well as limited, smaller projects and contributions.

As soon as a group of people are working and thriving together, the elephants in the room will appear. Having an elephant in the room, and not talking about it is exhausting and limiting. One clear goal of our leadership programs is training you to see, know and handle all the expected elefants in the room.

We almost never mean that the big animal is there. What we really mean is that there is this dynamic that is really effecting us, and which we are not addressing. Sometimes this is because we can’t see it, more often because we don’t know what to say about it and usually the reason is we don't´know what to do with it.

By framing roles, goal and context, building trust and functional norms, holding the space for frustration, keeping away from stereotyped communication, building a feedback culture instead, the group can transform into a team and work will get done.

We can help you find your way of integrating great leaderskills in your group or organization.

I look forward to hear from you!